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to the documentation - Public joint stock company "ukrgasvydobuvannia"

Public joint stock company "ukrgasvydobuvannia"

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to the documentation

The form of the "Price quotation" in the form below.

The participant should keep this form.

(filed by the participant on a letterhead)
«Proposal № _______ dated ________ 2017»

We, (name of the Participant), provide our proposal to participate in the procurement procedure for _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ according to requirements offered by the Customer.

After reviewing the documentation and technical requirements for the subject of procurement, we are who authorized by Participant to sign the proposition, purchase agreement, have the opportunity and agree to fulfill Customer requirements and Contract on the conditions as follows:

  1. The full name of the participant _______________________________________________

  2. Address (legal and actual)_______________________________________________

  3. Phone/fax _______________________________________________________________

  4. Management (surname, name)_______________________________________

  5. Unified State Register number ______________________________________________________________

  6. Ownership and legal status of the participant; the name and address of the main enterprise of the participant, date of establishment, place of registration; specialization _______________

  7. Banking details ___________________________________________________________

  8. Brief information about activities _________________________________________________

  9. Price of the proposition (the total price of the purchase contract):

Numbers ________________________________________________________________________

Letters _________________________________________________________________________

  1. Terms of payment: _____________

  2. Term of delivery: till ___________

  3. Country of origin and manufacturer of the goods:_____________

  4. Conditions of delivery:________________

  5. Proposition on the subject of procurement Table 1

  6. Year of manufacture______________________

Table 1




The unit price **

The total price **





* - The participant indicates the name of the goods (products) mentioned in the certificate of the quality or in the Passport.

** - When specifing the name of the goods in English the resident has noted that formulation that will be in a shipping documents at the shipment of the goods. Translation into Ukrainian shall fully meet the English version; all articles/designation indicated in English must be identical to Ukraine version.

*** - The value in the currency and on the conditions of participant is specified (price of the purchase contract).
Post, first name, name, signature of the Participant’s authorized person, certified by seal * (* this

requirement does not apply to participants which is not use the seal in accordance with current legislation)
When submitting a price offer the participant nonresident must take into account the following information.

- If the amount of non-resident price offer is above 1 000 000 USD or equivalent of this amount in other currency and the offer provids prepayment, the payment should be only by letter of credit, unless otherwise provided by the current legislation of Ukraine acting at the time of conclusion of the contract.

- In case of latter of credit the participant nonresident has to include into the cost of the offer the next sharing of bank fees:

«All costs of servicing of letter of credit on the territory of Ukraine are paid by the buyer. All costs outside Ukraine, including the Commission for acceptance of leter of credit and guarantee covering of international financial organization/EBRD pays the Seller.

Costs for amending letter of credit are paid by Party that initiates the following changes».

- Such letters of credit are subject to the Uniform Rules for documentary letters of credit as amended by 2007, published by the International Chamber of Commerce No. 600 ».

In the presence of related services (start-up works, installation), the cost of such services should be included separately.

Annex 3

to the documentation

Product name, characteristic, DEST *





Drilling rig with capacity of 320 tons (1500HP) assembled (new)



UBG- 2 pcs.
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Public joint stock company "ukrgasvydobuvannia"

Public joint stock company "ukrgasvydobuvannia"

Public joint stock company "ukrgasvydobuvannia"

Public joint stock company "ukrgasvydobuvannia"

Public joint stock company "ukrgasvydobuvannia"

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